Posts from the Camino

I walked the Camino de Santiago from May 11- June 17, 2012.  A few days before I left, I solidified plans to blog about my experiences for, so some of the links below will take you to the posts I wrote for their site.  Others are ones I wrote on this site.

Before the Camino:

On the Camino:


Planning on walking the Camino?  Have questions?  I would love to help you.  I can be reached at


  1. Rebecca I have such joy knowing you did the Camino! thank you so much for sharing it with us. I looked forward daily to see your posts and pics during your journey.

    • Thank you for coming on the journey with me, Dee. And thanks for sharing my posts with others who might be interested in doing it:)

  2. Rebecca I live near Greenville SC. Would love to talk to you as my journey to the Camino has started. Leaving May 8th. Flying into Bilbao.

  3. [...] months ago I returned from walking a 480 mile pilgrimage trail called the Camino to Santiago. Since returning, I’ve gotten a new outlook on how much one person really needs. For forty [...]

  4. [...] of you know that I was hired by Busted Halo to write blog posts from the Camino this past Spring.  If you’re curious as to how this previously-unpublished writer got such [...]

  5. […] And that’s when we jumped down the rabbit hole. Each question they asked plunged them deeper and deeper into my story. They learned I’d just gotten rid of most of what I’d owned, that I was about to start a four-month stint at the John Campbell Folk School, that my sabbatical year would culminate in my walk along the Camino to Santiago. […]

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